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C.gif (914 bytes)ongratulations! You’re obviously thinking about planning a trip to Big Sky County. Of course, some of you may already live here and are just looking to learn something new. In that case, we may have already crossed paths. You say you’re from ____? Do you know ____??

Fire away with your questions about planning a Montana adventure. Rock Patterns along the Gallatin River We’re always happy to hear from you, and make every effort to respond promptly.  We've got the inside scoop on (mostly) outdoor fun , as well as special events and some really outstanding places to stay while partaking.   If you're looking for an outfitter or resort, our local knowledge will help ensure that you wind up with a consummate professional, instead of Johnny Wannabe, who employs his ne’er-do-well relatives and friends as guides and drinking partners.   Our only bias is toward seeing you have a quality experience.  At no cost to you, it's a no-brainer....

We get asked the same questions quite a bit, and the answers are on the tips of our tongues (or fingers, as the case may be). Rest assured, though, we are not telling everyone to go fishing in the same hole, frolicking in the same foothills, as it were. Unique questions get unique answers, and even ordinary questions get our full attention. Besides, we enjoy what we do! We have met a lot of interesting people and made some good friends this way. We are "people" people, and feel that this exchange of information enriches both parties, and not just monetarily, either.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, it costs no more to utilize our expertise, and in fact we can usually save you money.   Certain highly customized (and memorable!) expeditions can turn labor intensive, but we’ll both know that well in advance, and can plan accordingly.

 Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you,

Bill O'Connell
Cowboy Heaven Consulting


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