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Cook Ranch Cabin

Are you looking for a vacation rental where you can feel like pioneer settlers, staking your claim on a piece of paradise?  Then you'll be thrilled to homestead at the Cook Ranch Cabin for a few days.  This historic log structure dating back to the early 1900's is tucked into an aspen grove inCook Ranch Cabin its own valley north of Bozeman.  It sits in the middle of a large ranch property, and you'll feel like you have a vast chunk of Big Sky Country all to yourself.  But, you're only fifteen minutes from Bozeman, with restaurants, shopping, and best a near-endless selection of world-class fishing, hiking, horseback riding, skiing, and the rest of the spectrum of outdoor delights southwest Montana has to offer.

You just might not want to leave, though....  If you're looking to "get away Picture yourself cooking breakfast here.  The birds are chirping outside, and all is right with your world....from it all", this is one place where you won't see or hear any traffic, and solitude is the order of the day.  You can walk along the creek, flyfish a nearby spring creek, or if you're so inclined; even help out the rancher by thinning the excessive local  population of gophers!  Only one other building is even faintly visible a mile or so away, so if seclusion is your goal you can hardly do better.

The cabin is very rustic inside and out, but the interior is recently renovated and absolutely charming.  The kitchen is fully modern, but you'll feel like the clock has been magically turned back a hundred years.  For instance; water for washing and bathing is piped in from the creek! (Drinking water is provided, though, no sense getting too carried awayThe view from the loft with the rustic kick!)  There's a spacious bedroom with antique furnishings and a queen bed.  The kids can fold out the sleeper sofa in the living room, or more likely crash on the futons in the loft.  If there's more than six of you, there's room to spread out a cot or two.

If the evening is brisk, you can pull up a chair to the wood stove and warm your feet, while watching for deer down the valley.  All in all, this is one of the most charming, secluded vacation rentals we know of, and after spending a few days at the Cook Ranch Cabin we're certain you'll agree!

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Rates are $135/night, which is eminently reasonable and actually a bargain given the degree of privacy and amenities this place affords.  Call us at 1-877-613-0404 or e-mail for further details, and get ready to set your clock back to Pioneer Time.




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