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Skiing at Logan Pass, Glacier Park
Spring skiing in Glacier Park

Get started with planning your own Montana adventure, and get ready to
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The vast bulk of our articles are available for free.  A handful, though (in the hunting section) will cost you a modest $25.00 to read.  They contain invaluable information, and hard-earned conclusions gained through a lifetime of research.  Click here for further thoughts on this topic, and on the following hyperlinks to register or log-in if you're already a member.  Enjoy.... 

ovalbuttongif..gif (1563 bytes) Stories of Montana adventures and attractions, from bumper to backcountry, that will inspire and inform you on your way to your own adventures.
ovalbuttongif..gif (1563 bytes) Popular campgrounds in Glacier and Yellowstone to obscure backcountry sites, this area has a wealth of info on locations, equipment, and techniques.
ovalbuttongif..gif (1563 bytes) Short strolls to marathon treks, we can advise on suitable hikes for any ability level or area of interest.
ovalbuttongif..gif (1563 bytes) Montana is well known as a mecca for fishing.  This is the place to look for up-to-date advice on conditions and successful strategies.
ovalbuttongif..gif (1563 bytes) The thrill of the hunt is a special passion of ours at CHC, and Montana has some of the best.  Birds to big game,  we've got the inside scoop.
ovalbuttongif..gif (1563 bytes) Get personalized answers to your travel questions, help with planning an itinerary, or book an adventure with one of our carefully selected resorts or outfitters.

Outdoor activities usually involve a degree of personal risk, ranging from slight to considerable.  In most cases, this risk can be minimized through proper preparation and common sense.   Cowboy Heaven Consulting makes every effort to avoid recommending  questionable activities, but we cannot be held liable for damages incurred.

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