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Bison Hunts


A neighbor has a handful of two and a half year olds available, as well as a couple of four year old cows, all 900-1000# on the hoof. This is strictly a meat thing, not a hunt. In fact he shoots them, keeping stress to a minimum, & then guts and loads them. We're just down the road, still offering a skin/quarter/cool/robe/skull service, in fact he's hauled them down here with his tractor before.

On sale! Price reduced to $1600, basically half price
for bison these days.








Alas, the Flying D has cancelled their bison harvest operation.

Politics. Bah. Humbug!!

We're now offering a bison skin/quarter/cool service, plus beetle
skull cleaning and robe tanning, doing business as Buffalo Bill's

These hunts take place on the famous Flying D ranch.  This historic 113,500 acre ranch is one of the gems of Montana, if not the world.  It borders the Lee Metcalf Wilderness Area in the Spanish Peaks, and runs north into the fertileFlying D Ranch Bison Gallatin Valley.   East to west, it entirely spans the country between the Gallatin and Madison rivers.  It is simply one of the most gorgeous settings imaginable.  I've hiked and hunted the adjacent public lands extensively, as well as the Flying D itself during bison and elk hunts, and can personally attest that it is a unique thrill to look out over such a vastA herd of bison on Montana's Flying D Ranch scope of country, see herds of bison, elk, and deer, and know that not only is the view unchanged from hundreds of years ago, but it is going to remain that way. The owner  has placed the property into a conservation easement that prohibits future development, and it takes no imagination at all to transport yourself back a couple of hundred years.  What activity could possibly mesh better with that scenario than a bison hunt!?

The Flying D has offered trophy bison hunts for some time now (see the subsequent list for details), but in 2001 they decided to add cow and yearlingA Flying D Management bull bison hunts and harvests. These have turned out to be enormously popular.  We're approaching 3000 participants, and customer satisfaction surveys indicate they were overwhelmingly pleased with the experience.  The meat is superb, the robes and skulls provide lasting memories, the setting is scenic, and the professionalism and friendliness of the guides impressed everyone who participated.  Needless to say, we're thrilled to be one of the few agents selected to offer these hunts, and expect them to be continue to be very popular.   

  • Trophy Bull Bison$4000.00Flying D Ranch Trophy Bull Bison
    A one-day hunt on the full expanse of the ranch.  Includes a trophy bull of the hunter's choice, guide, in-field transportation, lunch, and in-field processing.   Your bison will be delivered to a local meat processor, and the head to a local taxidermist (other arrangements can be made if you desire, although I can personally vouch for the quality of both operations).  Most trophies will score 65-75 SCI points.   Hunts take place during June, July, September, October, and December.
  • Mature Bull Harvest- $1995.00
    <Update; We recently had a client take a management bull that scored 70 SCI, which concidentally is the same as the one pictured below. That translates to an astounding 20+" horn length, with over 16" bases. Truly impressive specimens, they are...
    Availability on big bulls is extremely tight this year, and they go fast. If that's of interest, call usA tremendous bull bison, taken by John Parker with a heavy handgun, 6/14/04 at 1-877-613-0404 or e-mail.
    This harvest takes place in about a 200 acre pasture along the Madison River. This is a harvest, as opposed to a hunt (see our thoughts on this under the Cow Bison below).  These are big bulls, though, ranging from 3-12 years old, and are excellent for mounting or a rug.  Plus, you will have a whole lot of bison burger.  <update> During the '03 season there were about 40 of these mature bulls released into a pasture of about a mile square in a very remote, scenic area of the ranch. They promptly knocked the fence down, and the folks who participated in that hunt found it closely resembled the trophy bull hunt, at substantial savings. That sort of thing may come up again, so stay tuned....
    Furnished is guide, in-field processing, and loading into your truck.  Weapon of your choice; muzzleloader, archery, pistol, big-bore rifle, etc.
  • Cow Bison  $850.00
    This cow harvest takes place at the pastures on the west side of the Madison River, November through January.  The setting is scenic, and with the Madison Buffalo Jump State Park a few miles down the river, there is some precedent for harvesting buffalo in the area!  These cows are already sorted, and you'll have your choice of numerous animals.  Furnished is guide, in-field processing, and loading into your truck.  The robes are prime at this time of year.  Cow Bison Realistically, I will not call this a hunt, it is a harvest.  It's not like you're shooting them in a corral or something, though, the harvest pasture is about 160 acres. It's a good setting, in the bluffs along the Madison River, and truth be known, while they're nothing if not unpredictable, generally speaking buffalo are not as cagy as, say, a trophy whitetail.  They're the big meal deal of the plains, and that's how God meant it to be!  In spite of what some would like to think, meat doesn't just magically appear on the grocery store shelf, and this offers you the opportunity to go harvest your own meat, right in the same country where they were born and lived.  Besides, this meat is as pure as it gets, a far cry from the genetically engineered, hormone and steroid laden product served up by the giant agribusiness corporations that dominate the food industry today. 

  • Yearling Bison- $695-$995

    This harvest takes place in Yearling Bull Bison October, November, December, and January for 1 year old animals.  These are the best "meat" bison available, and you can literally cut the steaks with a (plastic) spoon.  Their robes are prime, and you'll have your choice of several animals.  Most will weigh 700-800#, with a few in the other size ranges. Furnished is guide, in-field processing, and loading into your truck.
    • 500-600#- $695.00
    • 600-700#- $795.00
    • 700-800#- $895.00
    • 800-900#- $995.00

March photo of the bison harvest pasture and vicinity.  The Madison River is visible at left center.  The harvest pasture is in the valley below, with Red Mountain beyond.

These bison hunts are offered on a first-come, first-served basis.  We're getting a high percentage of repeat and referral bookings, so I recommend you book early.  A very modest deposit of only $250.00 (non-refundable) will reserve your hunt.  Don't pass up this opportunity to hunt bison, in a stunning setting, at an unbelievably reasonable price!  Call 1-877-613-0404 toll-free, or e-mail us for info or to reserve your hunt.




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