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We're now offering a bison skin/quarter/cool service, as well as beetle skull cleaning and hide tanning.


You'll soon be harvesting nature's finest protein on the hoof...

To preserve quality, your bison should be skinned and cooled as rapidly as possible. You'll save time, money, and have a better finished product by taking your buffalo home in quarters, versus rush-order complete processing locally.

will skin,quarter, and cool your bison, and have it ready for pickup in less than 24 hours.



  • Cows & yearlings- $65
  • Trophy & Mature Bulls- $100

Flat Fee, no per-pound hanging charge

Beetle Skull Cleaning

  • Cows & Yearlings- $135
  • Trophy & Mature Bulls- $175

Complete, includes skinning & all prep work, beetle cleaning, and peroxide bleaching.

Hide Tanning

  • $15.95/square foot

Yearlings & cows will generally run 30-38 square feet, large bulls from 40-65 square feet.

By Appointment Only!
Please contact us prior to arrival.

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Click here for a map,
showing the route from the harvest pasture on the Madison River, to Buffalo Bill's

Lasting Memories

Your bison not only provides superb meat, but the robes and skulls make lasting decor for your home. Let us turn your buffalo hide into a soft, luxurious robe. There's nothing finer for curling up under on cold winter nights....

Our dermestid beetles are the best method of skull cleaning, and industrial peroxide bleaching produces a bright white skull with no residual flaking or damage.


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