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Everybody loves Sonny, and vice versa

All Eyes Blazin, 1999 AQHA gelding, is an exceptionally friendly, well broke ranch horse, gentle for anyone. Started heading, quiet in the box (more)

Zan Parr Bud, 2001 AQHA gelding. Calm and friendly, ranch-raised, high point in halter in 2-3 year old stallion division. Exceptionally strong, 15h, everyone's buddy (more)


Strider has a ground-covering walk that really eats up the miles

Strider, 1996 grade sorrel gelding. Big, stout (16h) ranch gelding has done it all. Gentle with lots of go, really steps out and will put a lot of miles behind you at the end of the day (more)

From left, we have Strider, Bo (the best caboose packhorse in the Rocky Mountains, and still a lot of horse at 22 years old), Sonny, Lexi (the Queen Bee, 6 year old quarter/trace of percheron, big stout beautiful girl, and becoming a mountain horse extraordinaire), neighbor's sorrel, Thistle (veteran of many 'a mountain adventure. Big, strong, calm; just the way I like 'em.), Buddy behind grazing Tundo (who never does anything wrong, a truly foolproof horse), neighbor's paint.

Our ponies see a lot of mountain miles. Travelling by packstring is one of my great joys, and we look for horses that above all else have that calm disposition. Then, they need some size and strength, sound running gear, and a stable mind. They have to be easy to catch, shoe, and load. Basically, we look for horses that are free of equine neuroses, the kind that will do any job you ask and bring you home safe.



The horses we sell directly have passed our usability tests with flying colors (any rejects go through the ring). We have a great place for you to come check 'em out, with large fields and pastures for riding. It's a low-pressure situation, and you can try them out to your heart's content (we do have a few restrictions, but they're very liberal and only designed to filter folks who might abuse the situation). We're located eight miles north of Bozeman, MT, e-mail or call 406-587-9563 for directions or more info about these exceptional horses.



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