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Bison, Birds, Bears, Bighorns, & Other

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Bison Hunts

  • We're now offering bison hunts on the famous Flying D ranch.  These hunts come in a number of different configurations, some at an extremelyTrophy bison reasonable cost.  They're offered through most of the summer, fall, and winter, and provide a unique chance to obtain a freezer full of the best meat you can get, plus a buffalo robe and skull, for not much more than it would cost you to buy feedlot beef at the grocery store.  The number of possibilities here clearly merit a page of their own.

Bird Hunting

  • Turkey hunts  Calling in a spring gobbler is right up there with bugling in aMontana Merriam's Turkey rutting bull elk, in our opinion.  But, it's a whole lot cheaper, and involves a great deal less pain and exertion!  Come spring, you're likely a little cabin feverish, anxious to get back outdoors, and a spring turkey hunt is just the ticket.   Wild Merriam's turkeys are abundant in many areas of eastern Montana, and we work with several top outfitters who have maintained at or close to 100% success over many years.  Hunts are normally 2-3 days, and cost from $500 to $750.
  • Upland Bird and Waterfowl  We have a wide range of possibilities here,Ringneck pheasants and a decent muley buck from offering advice on unguided, do-it-yourself hunts on block management and public land, to luxurious "Cast & Blast" lodge vacations.  Unless you're an experienced hunter with your own dogs, though, we think you'll have a lot more fun and success hunting one of the operations we represent that offer bird hunting on their private or leased land.   This can cost as little as $50/day, on up to $2500 or more for a multi-day hunt.   Obviously, you do get what you pay for, and these upper-end bird hunting vacations offer gourmet meals, luxurious accommodations, and other activities such as flyfishing in addition to bird hunting.

    Black Bear Hunts

Black bear tags must be purchased by April 15

  • Montana has a good population of black bears, with a considerableMontana Black Bear percentage exhibiting color phases from russet brown, blonde, cinnamon,and chocolate, in addition to the usual black.  Success rates are high, generally from 85-100%, and a black bear hunt is also a great way to get back outdoors after a long winter and burn off some accumulated pounds in the process.  Baiting bears is illegal in Montana, so all these hunts are fair chase (spot and stalk) without the use of dogs or bait.  Hunts run from $1250 (doesn't include lodging, but very high success rates), up to all-inclusive hunts in the $2000-$2500 range.

Trophy Bighorn, Moose, & Goat Hunts

  • The toughest part about these hunts can be drawing the tag.  We can offerBoone & Crockett class Montana Moose advice about which areas to put in for, but be aware that the drawing odds are miniscule in the top trophy producing areas.  If you don't put in, your odds are 0, though, and somebody's gotta draw those tags every year, so....Once you've got the tag, we know which outfitters can best help make your dreams come true.  One notable exception to the tough drawing odds are Montana's unlimited sheep areas.  You can hunt bighorns every year in these areas (unless of course you've killed one the year before, in which case you can't apply for another seven years).  It's a five-day season, with a quota of only a couple of rams in some districts, and overall success rates are quite low.   But, we are familiar with outfitters who consistently have clients get sheep, including some very nice ones.  These hunts cost around $5000, which is hands down the cheapest guided sheep hunts you'll find.  They tend to book up well in advance, so plan ahead if that's something you're interested in.

Lions, Coyotes, & Varmints

Mountain lion tags need to be purchased by August 31

  • A mountain lion hunt is another high-success hunt, with the outfitters weMontana mountain lion work with running near 100% success.  You'll work for it, though, so we recommend you're in shape for this one.  Most  are guaranteed hunts, meaning if you don't get a lion, you don't pay.  Costs run from $2500-$3500.  Coyotes are a non-game species in Montana, meaning they can be hunted anytime.  For a prime pelt, though, you should hunt them throughout the winter months.  Call or e-mail for more info on coyote hunting.   Several of the eastern Montana outfitters we work with offer prairie dog hunts.   They are set up with trailers containing mounted shooting benches, and you can burn up a whole lot of ammo in a day of shooting at sage rats.  Costs are in the $200-$250/day range.




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